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Thursday, 27 01 2011
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Department of Robotic Systems

I have left DLR and my wonderful time here behind me to accept an appointment from University of Hanover for heading the Institute of Automatic Control (IRT)!

From now on you can reach me at


Dr.-Ing. Sami Haddadin


"The Times They Are A-Changin"

Bob Dylan

 Curriculum Vitae 

Publications & Videos

Fields of interest

  • Human-Robot Interaction and interaction design
  • Safe robots
  • Robot and mechatronic design
  • Dexterous manipulation
  • Mobile manipulation
  • Nonlinear robot control
  • Control of intrinsically elastic robots
  • Human biomechanics and injury mechanics
  • Real-time reflex and motion planning
  • Real-time task planning and learning
  • Nonlinear control and learning for Variable Impedance Robots
  • Brain controlled assistive robots

Projects involved:

DLR projects:

  • DLR Lightweight Robots
  • DLR Hand-arm system
  • Human-Robot Interaction
  • Brain controlled robots

Collaborative projects:

  • SAPHARI: European IP (FP7): Safe and Autonomous Physical Human Aware Interaction
  • KUKA Roboter GmbH
  • Daimler Benz
  • VIACTORS: European STREP Project (FP7): Variable Impedance Actuation Systems Embodying Advanced Interaction Behaviours
  • Lynkeus: BMBF project: PMD Cameras for Human-Robot Interaction and Bin Picking (finished)
  • SMERobot™: European Integrated Project  (FP6): The European Robot Initiative for Strengthening the Competitiveness of SMEs in Manufacturing (finished)
  • PHRIENDS: European STREP Project (FP6): Physical Human Robot Interaction: Dependability and Safety (finished)
  • Neurobotics: (FP6 IST) The Fusion of Neuroscience and Robotics (finished)


Discovery Channel interview "Daily Planet", January, 9th, 2008

(for download click on image)


Sanftmütige Maschinen, Der Spiegel, November, 12, 2007

The robot that knows when it has punched you, NewScientist, November, Issue 10, 2007


Current and former students

  • Doctoral thesis
    • Simon Haddadin (c)
  • Master thesis
    • Hannes Widmoser (c)
    • Chris Schindlbeck (c)
    • Nico Mansfeld (c)
    • Fabien Laurent (c)
    • Roman Weitschat (c)
    • Can Ozparkucu (c)
    • Steffen Walther (c)
    • Felix Huber (f)
    • Rico Belder (f)
    • Kai Krieger (f)
    • Sven Parusel (f)
    • Michael Weis (f)
    • Augusto Khoury (f)
  • Bachelor thesis
    • Markus Englert (f)
    • Mirko Kunze (f)
    • Tobias Ende (f)
  • Internship
    • Marco Witzmann (c)
    • Nico Mansfeld (f)
    • Hongrong Huan (c)
    • Hannes Widmoser (f)
    • Chris Schindelbeck (f)
    • Robert Hartmann (f)
    • Mirko Kunze (f)
    • Rico Belder (f)
    • Christian Liefhold (f)

Conferences & Workshops



  • My band
  • Handball
  • Sailing
  • Painting



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